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This interacting galaxy group is seen in the direction of the Constellation Sextans at an approximate distance of 75 Million Light-Years. This group is within the larger Leo I Group, and NGC3169 is very actively engaged in tidal battle with NGC3166, some 160,000 Light-Years distant. Faint tidal streams can be seen between the two colliding galaxies. NGC3169 has a very active core with a super massive black hole, and is tightly wound with young blue star-forming regions evident. NGC3166 is a barred spiral which is being severely distorted in is battle with NGC3169. All three galaxies are imbedded within an envelope of neutral hydrogen and will eventually merge into a single galaxy. Object: NGC3169,3166,3165 Distance: 75 Million Light-Years Place: Fort Davis, TX Exposure: LRGB:540:140:220:180 unbinned Processing: MaxIm Dl, PixInsight, CCDStack, Photoshop CC Optics: 12.5" RCOS Truss Focal Length: 2808mm @ f9] Mount: Paramount ME German Equatorial Camera: SBIG STL6303E Focuser: RCOS Guiding: SBIG RGH Off-Axis Filters: Tru-Balance LRGB Gen II 2"

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