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NGC6015 is a warped spiral galaxy located in the direction of the Constellation Draco at an approximate distance of 54.6 Million Light-Years. Studies indicate a discontinuity in the formation of the spiral arms, with differing rotation rates between the inner and outer arms. There seem to be many star forming regions, with pink HII areas also showing. The galaxy is an isolated one. Object: NGC6015 Distance : 54.6MLY Magnitude: 11.2 Date: June 2017 Place: Fort Davis, TX Details: LRGB:570:120:170:210 unbinned Processing: MaxImDL, CCDStack, Regim, Photoshop CS3 Optics: 12.5" RCOS Truss Focal Length: 2808mm@F9 Mount: Paramount ME Robotic Camera: SBIG STL6303E Focus: RCOS Guiding SBIG RGH Off-Axis Filters: Tru-Balance LRGB Gen II 2"

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